Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have been looking for this piece on YouTube for a while...Situation off of the 1970 Jeff Beck Group album, Rough And Ready.
This was a pretty cool band and reflected Becks first attempts at fusing Jazz and Rock.
After this band ended in 1972, Beck was ready for the full blown Jazz/Rock Fusion of Wired and Blow by Blow.
Bobby Tench was the vocalist, Max Middleton: keyboards, Clive Chaman: bass, Cozy Powell: drums and of course, Beck on guitar. I hadn't heard this for ages.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Microdot,

Cozy Powell? That rings a bell with Richie Blackmore's Rainbow along the line somewhere. I recall that from the school days of yore.

This song sounds so familiar, but I just can't place it. Maybe I was distracted by the resemblance of Max with Tony Orlando. Great stuff.


microdot said...

Max Middleton had a great career as a jazz and rock musician. He was one of the ultimate "session men".
Cozy Powell? yes, rainbow, but black sabbath and many others. again an ultimate session player. I see that he is still active, playing with Brian May who according to a very strange web site, may or may not be the anti christ....he could be, we belong to the same union branch....
I really want to meet you in Detroit if it is possible. I have your cell#...Please, please...not another experience like the bald Gwendolyn dwarf mystery date...I'm getting too old for this ...
Whips, manacles, cattle prods?...I can deal with it....I'll bring my fully equipped attache case.