Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rappin Rodney

I've had a frustrating evening dealing with expedia.fr...so, it's late and I am posting this blast form the past. Rodney Dangerfield, Rappin Rodney.
I miss Rodney Dangerfield. In 1979, I went to his club, Dangerfields on First Ave and E.61st Street in Manhattan to see him perform. I was in the company of 2 very attractive women and was sitting in the front of the stage. I became Rodneys act...I was laughing so hard, I was crying, I became incoherent! After the show, when we were leaving, Rodney came over and said, "Hey, kid, no hard feelings!" He was laughing. I told him it was the high point of my life to be the butt of his filthy one liners and got his autograph. To me, it was as if I had gone to Rome and was blessed by the pope!
Hopefully, if I can get my customer service issue settled with expedia, Microdot will be embarking on a North American Tour on September 21st where he will purchase a new imac!


steve said...

hahaha. I remember this video! I forgot that Quido Sarduci was in it. My favorite Rodney Dangerfield performance is all the great gems from Caddyshack.

microdot said...

I knew someone would appreciate this.
It was late in his life that Rodneys talents as a screen comedian were appreciated, though I remember a very strange film from the very early 70's called The Projectionist in which Dangerfield portrayed a manager of small movie theater in Queens.
He was like a little Mussolini, always threatening to send the elderly concession stand employee back to Communist Hungary.

His abilities as a stand up comic were legendary, but it was in a live setting that you were able to see his real genius.

Guido Sarducci, the Vatican Gossip Columnist, was actually comedian Don Novello.
Don had another alias, ultra conservative republican flag waving letter writing, Lazlo Toth.
His letters to world leaders and corporations were collected in two volumes, The Lazlo Letters and Citizen Toth.
He gets many serious replies from his victims who were "touched" by his support.

Great stuff if you can find it.

mud_rake said...

I, too, enjoyed the Dangerfield humor, but may not have reacted so pleasantly to the butt of a joke. Glad that you did.