Saturday, August 07, 2010

Auto Portrait

Another piece by Max Ernst. This was a self portrait dating from 1919...
Ernst was one of the prime movers of the Dada Movement. He relentlessly, restlessly invented and inovated new ways of seeing and creating art that forced one to see.
I will present more art by Ernst and attempt to reveal who he was and his history.


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
I have to admit that the Dada movement was just a little too much for my tastes but maybe if I viewed it from the prospective after doing a little Absinthe. I will say that there is some I can appreciate. Maybe with the help of “Dancing With The Green Fairy,” I could appreciate more of the artwork.

I think that I will put “Dancing With The Green Fairy” on my bucket list.

microdot said...

Engineer, it's interesting that after all these years, absinthe has become legal again in Europe.
It was actually outlawed before the dadaists became a movement...absinthe was widely used during the late 1800' the work of Jarry or the writings of Seurat.
I actually had a business of buying absinthe related paraphenalia and selling it in the USA for a few years.
There was much beautiful glass ware that was tinted a very lurid radioactive green...uranium glass.
I worked in the world of neon in the early 80's and uranium glass neon tubing had been discontinued in the 1960's, but to find a stock of the stuff was like finding the holy grail....
There is no green like the green of uranium used in glass.....