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Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
I just read that the Rodeo Clown is having a rally on the anniversary and at the site of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech on Aug. 28, 1963. As one would imagine it is drawing criticism, protests and questions about his intentions.

Beck insists the event Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial is not about politics, even though former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a potential 2012 presidential candidate, will attend.

The rally is drawing a strong reaction and several counter-rallies as the nation looks toward November's elections.

Tea party activists and the polarizing Fox News Channel personality, has said it is merely a coincidence that the event is taking place on the 47th anniversary of King's plea for racial equality.

The Rodeo Clown has announced that the event is to be called, "Restoring Honor" rally and is to pay tribute to America's military personnel and others "who embody our nation's founding principles of integrity, truth and honor." It urges citizens to attend and "help us restore the values that founded this great nation."

"This is going to be an iconic event," The Rodeo Clown says. "This is going to be a moment that you'll never be able to paint people as haters, racists, none of it. This is a moment, quite honestly, that I think we reclaim the civil rights movement.” (Yes, The Rodeo Clown is going to reclaim the civil rights movement) “It has been so distorted and so turned upside down. It is an abomination." The Rodeo Clown has called President Barack Obama a racist.

On Wednesday, The Rodeo Clown again sought to play down comparisons to the slain civil rights leader.

"I know that people are going to hammer because they're going to say, 'It's no Martin Luther King speech,'" The Rodeo Clown told his radio listeners on Wednesday. "Of course it's not Martin Luther King. You think I'm Martin Luther King?"

Civil rights leaders, too, hoped The Rodeo Clown wouldn't exploit the King legacy at the spot. But the imagery, the packed lawn, listening to a speaker standing in the shadow of Lincoln……. is certain to draw comparisons.

By the way the Word Verification for this reply is "Spokie"....I can's argue. It is truely a Big Holy Rock and Holy Oak Tree moment.

mud_rake said...

I, too, "SCREAM!" I swear that this nation becomes more ignorant with each tick of the clock.

Anonymous said...


I strongly believe that Munch is ok with this.

It is a frightening thought that this opportunist has an audience.


steve said...

Beck is just a money making snake oil salesman. He's just rolling his wagon into Washington to sell some more "tonic" and "linement".

The "merchant class" - the right wing, sometimes left wing, people who control the government and the media have always been adept at playing both sides - to maximize profits. That's the American way! So beck is just a willing tool of the major shareholders - murdoch and the saudi royal family - of "Newscorp" for maximizing profits - by crafting controversy. Has anyone read any of the stories coming out about how the Saudi royal family weighes into the mosque controversy?

A Primer:

The saudi's, apperently, are the 2nd major shareholder of "Newscorp". They too have learned the American way, just like Aussie Murdoch has, of playing both sides against one other in order to hide true intentions and to maximize profits.

I'm saving the following picture:

I'm going to put it in my file that has Rumsfeld shaking Saddams hand, Bush holding hands with the King, and Madeleine Albright toasting "Dear Leader".

I wish they would have Tea-party rallies here in Toledo, I have a lot of great ideas for satirical signage.

steve said...

This actually explains it better, without mispellings and grammar errors LOL, than I ever could:

steve said...

OK, after thinking about this all day, here is my theory about the Fox Mosque-a-pades. The whole thing is obviously politically motivated to energize the anti Obama base and get them out to vote this Nov. What is one of President Obama's priorities from his triumvirate of priorities? To reduce the US's reliance on oil and develop alternatives. Who is the biggest purchaser of oil in the world? The US. Who is the biggest seller of oil? Saudi Arabia. Who does the Obama energy idealism directly threaten the pocket books thereof? The Saudi Royal family. So it makes sense that they want to put an end to Obama and the democrats control of government; because they know that Republicans / Tea-party people are the only reliable group that want to continue the U.S's reliance on fossil fuels. So in essense, you have Fox news - the propaganda mouthpiece of the RNC, and the political mouthpiece apparently - of the Saudi royal family - puppet mastering the "patriot's" in order to keep America buying oil. At least that is my theory.

It would be interesting to know, just how much Saudi Arabia is invested in American corporations, and what percentage of GDP they actually own.

Basically things are pretty much hopeless, all you can do is watch and laugh. I just heard on the radio that SUV's are once again selling like hotcakes.

steve said...

Oh I just wanted to add also, since Saudi Arabia has tentacles worming into so much of Americana... that if you start asking the question - how does this political position effect the Saudi Royal Family... things start to become interesting - Take our almost Quixotic pogrom against Iran for example.

microdot said...

This should be very interesting. I hear that Ted Nugent is a scheduled speaker.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

The Nooge is (was?) gonna be there? That makes it a must miss event.

I've heard rumours that his being clean and drug free during the 60s was total BS. It's be fun to have some proof for that.

But his admission about being a craven draft dodger in the July 15, 1990 Detroit Free Press Sunday Magazine

microdot said...

Teddy had a series of notoriously spectacular bad acid trips during the heyday of the Amboy Dukes in 67.We always speculated that was the point when he totally cracked and became the paranoid asshole he is today.
A few other members of the original band became acid casualties, notably co writer and rythmn guitarist, Steve Farmer.
He had been a member of the northwest Detroit band, The Lourds before the Amboy Dukes and some of the members were arrested in a bizarre stoner prank when they entered an all night chicken restaurant on Grand River Ave and the intersection of Fenkell naked at 2 am in the morning and freaked the patrons out.
It was legendary some of the guys got away and some got arrested on the street...that was my neighborhood...I don't know if Ted was one of the guys who got busted.
But it was definitely LSD induced mischief.