Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guitar Army

Again, a piece by one of greatest white punk/soul bands ever from Detroit/Ann Arbor, The Rationals. This was on their first album from 1968, 
a truly lost masterpiece.
I just saw that a 2 cd compilation of The Rationals was recently released and for some inexplicable reason, this song, Guitar Army was not on it!
A great piece of high energy music that actually was somehow a political manifesto for the White Panther Party in Ann Arbor. Politics you can dance to,
that can't be bad!


darkblack said...

Guitar Army got licensed for the Motor City's Burnin' compilation on Alive Records in '98. Lots of seminal D-town groups on that - They even had Sonic's Rendezvous Band doing Electrophonic Tonic - one of the greatest psych intros of the '70's, IMO.


microdot said...

I love the Rationals, even though Scott Morgan hustled my date at the Checkmate Lounge when I was a pimply 16 year old kid. He wasn't much older, but he was, well, Scott Morgan.

I just got a hold of Dodge and Main...Wayne Kramer, Dennis Tek, Scott Morgan kind of tribute to the Rendevouz band...great stuff.