Monday, August 09, 2010

Another White Trash Moment....

 (via boingboing)
GQ quotes an anonymous woman who claims to have been kidnapped and forced to take bong hits during her college years by Tea Party spokesdouche and segregation apologist Rand Paul (famously humiliated a few months back by Rachel Maddow):
He and Randy came to my house, they knocked on my door, and then they blindfolded me, tied me up, and put me in their car. They took me to their apartment and tried to force me to take bong hits. They'd been smoking pot." After the woman refused to smoke with them, Paul and his friend put her back in their car and drove to the countryside outside of Waco, where they stopped near a creek. "They told me their god was 'Aqua Buddha' and that I needed to bow down and worship him," the woman recalls. "They blindfolded me and made me bow down to 'Aqua Buddha' in the creek. I had to say, 'I worship you Aqua Buddha, I worship you.' At Baylor, there were people actively going around trying to save you and we had to go to chapel, so worshiping idols was a big no-no.
GQ Exclusive: Rand Paul's Kooky College Days (Hint: There's a Secret Society Involved)(via HuffPo, via Greg Mitchell)
Photo, via GQ: A 1983 photo of Rand Paul (dressed in black robe and straw hat) with fellow members of the NoZe secret society he is reported to have been a member of in college ("[A] cross between Yale's Skull & Bones and Harvard's Lampoon").


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
I too was forced to take bong hits in the late 60’s and early 70’s…..the devil made me do it……Yea Right!

By the way I just did a posting on an owner and employees of a strip club are protesting a fanatical church in Ohio.

darkblack said...

Oh, those 'youthful conservative indiscretions'.
I'm sure Paul has learned his lesson, and wouldn't get caught again without making sure the witnesses are properly compensated in advance of any unpleasantness.


microdot said...

Well, I too was forced and forced others to take multiple bong hits in the 60's and 70's and 80's and ummm...maybe the 90's....
But I'm not Rand Paul and proud of it, dammit!

mud_rake said...

Too bad that those youthful indiscretions still bounce around in his nearly empty head!