Monday, August 30, 2010


( apologies to Judy Collins ) 
By the time we got to Whitestock
We were half a billion strong
According to the FOX NEWS singalong
And every one else was lying....

Maybe it was just the Budweisers
In my cooler on the lawn
But Palin sure looked hot
But I couldn't hear a word that she was sayin.....

We are whitemen we are emboldened
And we'll buy some stuff that is golden
Cause what ever Glenn Beck says 
Makes us only feel better 
Much Better than Obama Care, you socialist commie asshole!

It's not our our fault, it's the others
You don't have to love your brothers
And if you don't have a green card
I'll shoot your beaner brown ass!!!!!!
(oops, that didn't rhyme, any more buds in the cooler, bro?)


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Well Microdot,
Someone has been busy this past weekend. Great Stuff and keep up the good work.

mud_rake said...

Classic, Microdot! I wonder what the 'half-billion' thought about the 'We Need God' theme of the gathering? Odd stuff or just the way it goes when one puts one's trust in a shyster gold salesman?

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

The amusing thing is that Beck is not a Christian!

The Mormon Church teaches a number of things that conflict with the Bible and are radically different from what Christians down through the centuries have believed. If the LDS Church denies the core teachings of Christianity, should it still be considered a “Christian” faith?

Somehow, main stream US Media has missed this point.

microdot said...

Laci, somewhere, I posted an animated cartoon produced by the Mormons back in the 70's for kids to explain their current mythology at that time.
It involved alien space beings...
I've done a number of postings on Mormon rituals and beliefs.

Are you familiar with the Mormon history in Michigan?
They tried to colonize the islands off of Petoskey in Lake Michigan in the 1830's...
Then they started messing with the wives and daughters of the Irish Catholic Fishing colony that was there and one night...the Fishermen got drunk and massacred almost all of them.
Check out the history, it's a good story.

Anonymous said...


Great tune! I remember that video well. Even though people actually believe this gwan gwan, I can't help from laughing because it is way over the top. We have been bombarded by commercials of successful people here. The ads start with a person talking about biking 30 miles every day, being an all around great guy, a successful person, the father of the year, and they end with, "I am a Mormon".

Not one of them mentions about the heavily skidded holy underpants or that this is a push for respectability for the insane, let alone a big push to pimp Romney as a viable candidate. So translucent.


mud_rake said...

I remember vividly your animated cartoon produced by the Mormons. It was a side-spitting hoot! Religion is a powerfully seductive opiate that exhibits itself in the banal nonsense that was demonstrated in that cartoon. We laughed, they prayed.

Religion- go figure!

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

You mean this one?