Thursday, February 24, 2011

And Whither Doth The FOX Spinnith Now?

By Now, Everyone has seen and heard the prank call by Ian Murphy, The Editor in Chief of Buffalo Beast to Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin in which he pretended to be right wing billionaire, David Koch. In case you haven't and would like to, here is the entire 20 minute call. Here is a link to Murphy's interview last night on "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell in which he discusses the prank ands makes some interesting comments about the Governor, who seems to have incriminated himself in a couple of ethics issues and now, The Ex Attorney General of Wisconsin is recommending that he be prosecuted,  as well as bald facely revealing his strategy to trick the Democrats. I wanted to embed the video, but I had some technical problems so please view the interview.

This clip is from FOX News, today. Shepard Smith, the host of a show on the conservative-leaning Fox News Channel, says the motive of Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his allies is to bust unions, not balance the budget.  You have to ask, which way are they spinning today?


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
I am so glad you could investigate further and expand on this subject. I have a limited amount of time and resources and this is a subject that needs to get out if not go viral. These bastards need to be exposed and stopped ASAP before it gets too far!!!!!


microdot said...

I'm glad you could wade through my post...
It's all fluid, everyone is spinning and I don't think the mainstream media is acting in a responsible manner, I can only try to pull the threads together and see where this is going.
Yesterday, FOX reversed the numbers in a poll that showed that most American support the Wisconsin protestors, then at the end of their segment, made a half assed quick correction...and never spoke of it again.
It is as if the news services are trying to report even the most encouraging news in a demoralizing fashion.
I have only limited blogging time these days as well so I spend a lot of my time working and thinking about what I want to write.
I appreciated your post on this subject yesterday!