Thursday, February 10, 2011

Radio Microdot

It's dedication night here at Radio Microdot and our first song, It's Over, goes out to little Hosni Mubarak who even though he might be the richest deposed dictator on the planet, is definitely not going to Disney World! It might be over for Hosni, but it's just beginning for the Egyptian people!

and our second song goes out to Little Nicolas Sarkozy, who's been rehearsing his lines all day for his big televised carefully choreographed interview on TF1, which no one on the planet is going to watch(except a few drooling senior citizens who will be in there usual medicated comas by 9:15 pm). Actually, this song was inspired by a released transcript of Nicolas' script tonight. You Rock, Babe!


microdot said...

I just watched Mubaraks speech on Al Jazeera and the crowds reactions...Mubarak was extremely bizarre, swinging from patronizing fatherly tones, tearful patriotism and very dark threats.
This is an extremely fluid situation. The military is very involved and frankly, I give Mubarak 48 hours.
We've seen things happen in Egypt that we have never seen before in our lives. Every morning is another "morning after" for the Egyptian people and tomorrow is another day.

mud_rake said...

Yes he was. I think he's lost it, mentally. Friday will be a bloody day again just because that jackass can't leave!!

Graham Dawson said...

Somehow, I don't know how, I had totally forgotten about the Fugs!