Saturday, February 05, 2011

Gros Envie du Fromage?

I realize this is a seemingly banal, trivial complaint and perhaps I'm just a tad over reacting, but after viewing this publicity for The Latest MacDo desecration of la cuisine Francaise, perhaps it is time for Jose Bove to start dismantling McDonald's roadside hovels again! 
(In case you need help with the menu, the chevre is goat cheese, the cantal is a cheese quite like a cheddar and bleu? Quelle Horror? What kind of Blue? There is no just plain generic blue cheese in France! They must be importing it from Denmark!)


dennis hodgson said...

This reminds me of something from McDonald's a few years ago: "tangy" sauce. What kind of tangy? Lemon? Lime? Orange?Blackcurrant? Cherry? Raspberry?

Tourists come here to Hong Kong and eat in McDonald's. I don't know why. Actually, I do, as I explained in Slow Food.

microdot said...

I am an afficiando of the Slow Food Movement.
MaDo is all over France, this is their biggest market outside of the States! They aggressively advertise on TV.
Why do tourists come to other countries and eat at McDonalds? Fear of Frying?
I enjoyed you Slow Food piece very much.