Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Real Explosion

It is the beginning of a detonation, as the people take part in the creation! They're gonna remake an Egyptian Nation! Let the people do it and They don't wanna hear your analysis and lame explanations!
Offendum Narcicyst Freeway Ayah Amir Sulaiman Matar Egypt Revolt 2011


mud_rake said...

...and now The People's Revolution moves to another location. Stay tuned for more denial, brutality and eventually, democracy.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Good Clip and like Muddy said, "Stay tuned," as I too think there will be more to embrace democracy.

microdot said...

Yeah, I saw the clip on the 25january facebook page this morning and now it's all over the place. There seems to be a lot of good music and creative artistic energy coming out of Egypt. I just heard that Mubarak is under a sort of house arrest at the Nile resort he fled to and that he actually knew he was going to have to leave 15 days ago, but he was buying time to hide his billions and move them out of Switzerland.
Algeria just violently put down a demonstration, they've been under "emergency" rule for the last 18 years.
I published a list of potential locations for the next regime change...last week. Yemen is pretty ripe.

microdot said...

On the other hand, one of the pre requisites for this kind of revolution is an educated, connected population. Yemen is pretty disconnected and not very educated as a whole.
The Sultan of Bahrain just gave everyone 3,000 bucks to calm them down for the time being.