Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

So, sepp is putting up posters about his condition.

lizfrombris said...

Ah the unbearable lightness of the new millennium. Indeed - who needs a brain when there's google out there with an answer to everything.
Just as we don't need much memory or computing power on our digital gadgets these days. All we need is access to the 'cloud' where all kinds of things float - wonderful apps and programs that do things for us and to us. Rest assured all manner of 'functionality' is just there for everyone (with a job and an account) to access at the touch screen. Someone stores it for us, alongside our personal details, records, consumption habits, tastes and preferences. It's a blessed relief really - we don't need to figure out or remember what we think or like when Amazon or CellarKing know better than we do. I'm looking forward to the future - having a smaller, slimline head, ever so light and with simpler functions (like an Iphone) very dextrous fingers - and some icons that remind me there's a whole world of 'apps' out there - put on my virtual cv they'll read like 'specifications' in a product guide. Nice practical apps - nothing gnarly or potentially messy like thought. See Prof Toby Miller on the decline of the humanities since the 1970s.


microdot said...

Frankly, the digital world has made my head bigger...I feel like I have a data bank and back up memory.
But, basically, I agree with your ideas. Some of us have bigger heads now but the rest of us are trying to program our ipods.