Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Anderson Cooper Beaten By Pro Mubarak Thugs In Cairo

No, this isn't the picture of Anderson Cooper after taking 10 shots to the face for being an American reporter on the streets of Cairo to day as the paid thuggery of Hosni Mubarak ran rampant in his last ditch attempt at intimidation after his televised appearance last night in which he warned the Egyptian population to let him finish his term or face "chaos".
For the record, the picture is from last weekends Saturday Night Live Broadcast and the perp was PeeWee Herman in a very funny skit. Ironic...I just saw a picture of Cooper after his attack and aside from a little puffiness, he looked okay.
Hundreds of Egyptians were really injured and maimed in the desparate attack by a recruited crowd paid 17 dollars for a days "work". The camels, horses and mules that were ridden into the crowd by the thugs were rented from the Nile Tour Agencies. Of course, the thugs that were captured by the crowd had Egyptian Police IDs, as did the looters detained by citizens who were caught pillaging the Cairo Museum this weekend.
The army may be "standing by" letting this attack by Mubaraks paid thugs happen.The Egyptian Army seemed to be playing a waiting game. The military knows that Mubarak had to go, but Mubarak is a national military hero. They did not want to see him exit in disgrace. Mubarak thinks obviously that the economic fear of the Egyptians will over come their Revolutionary rage. He thinks that his continued safety is guaranteed by their desire for ATMs to function again, markets to open and collect their meager paychecks.
I have to think that the attack on Cooper was a real PR Disaster for Mubarak. Katie Couric is in Cairo and now afraid to leave her hotel room, but she is not going to keep her mouth shut. Cooper was attacked because he was an American media personality, if you weren't paying attention in America, you sure as shit are now.
Mubarak said in his televised speech that he wanted to die in Egypt. He may get his wish sooner now than later.


squatlo said...

Of course you know O'Reilly and Faux News are all pissy about al Jazeera because some American journalists are praising their coverage of the unrest in Egypt... O'Reilly says they're bias and serve up propaganda, unlike HIS network which is biased and serves up progaganda AND has Republican politicians on as guest hosts.
Big difference, you see...
I've had al Jazeera on practically non-stop for four days.

microdot said...

But, then, would you expect O'Reilly to do anything different? To change is a Socialist Concept. To keep bashing your head against the same wall is just so American!