Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Factoid #3,007,432

passport ownership stats

diabetes stats 2007
death by firearms 2007

Factoid #3,007,432: Make of this what you will, but there is always a co-relation. These are 2 maps, the blue and grey one illustrates the State by State per capita passport ownership and the red/orange/yellow illustrates the prevalence of diabetes, which in some areas has reached almost epidemic status.
You could overlay the maps and compare the results, but it is more than a bizarre coincidence that the areas with the lowest per capita ownership of passports has the highest diabetes incidence.
I have to thank MikeB2000 for the suggestion to check out the gun ownership and death by fire arms stats...incredibly, but perhaps not so incredibly, another indisputable co-relationship...are we on to something here?


mikeb302000 said...

That's a riot. Put the gun ownership map on there too.

microdot said...

Interesting co-relation....If you have it send it to me and I'll put it into the equation....

mud_rake said...

The passport map is especially keen; too bad that it was not broken down into counties rather than entire states.

The obesity map fairly well coincides with that odd map I saw last year that depicted the heritage of Americans. While most selected 'Irish' 'German' or 'French' that swath of obese were the ones who identified their 'heritage' as 'American.'

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Good research and you are correct; the lack of worldly exposure and Fat Ass Stupidity does go hand in hand. A good complement to my posting. Thank you again my friend.