Thursday, March 03, 2011



When you enable the STUPID, it's very hard to recall, disembed, disable or stop it...
Once you put the STUPID in control of your life, you're pretty much stuck with the STUPID.
In the last mid term elections, Americans either willingly or through apathy, enabled the STUPID.
The STUPID wants you to believe that the middle class needs to be taxed more. You don't pay enough.
The STUPID wants you to believe that corporations and the extremely wealthy don't need to be taxed,
because if you tax them too much, they'll take their money and companies elsewhere, to a magic place where they won't have to pay taxes and workers will be willing to work for practically nothing.
That's the logic that is being crammed down the nations throat in the STUPID'S attempt to destroy unions.
The STUPID would like to distract you from reality with bizarre theories about abortion and debates about when life begins. The STUPID wants you to take away a woman right to her own body. The STUPID wants to make you pay insane insurance rates for Health Care. 
The STUPID pretty much told women that the life of a fetus was more important than theirs by passing HR-3 "NO Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act" today.
In Ohio, The STUPID had a fetus testify in front of the State Legislature, in a move described as a circus stunt to destroy funding for women's health care. They will probably pass the most restrictive abortion bill in the country because once the STUPID starts rolling, the STUPID usually gets what it wants. You really have to wonder where the STUPID is going with this. The STUPID is trying to knock down the CHILD LABOR Laws in a few states now...When is the STUPID going to start trying to defend a fetus' right to work? 
The STUPID is steamrolling it's destructive agenda of destroying the results of a few generations bloody struggle for Union Rights in Wisconsin, now in Ohio and quite a few other states, because the STUPID controls the media and tells you what you should think. The STUPID is on a juggernaut of empowerment, they're on a roll because they know that the people might be fooled in the short run, but the problem is they wake up. The STUPID is getting as much in place as fast as it can because the STUPID knows that once they enact legislation, it's very hard to get rid of it.
So, while, in Wisconsin, polls are turning around and public opinion is waking up to what they have done to themselves by enabling the STUPID, but  recalls take lots of time, cost lots of money and the STUPID knows that the population really doesn't have that long of an attention span. You know why?
The public has become a part of the STUPID...they will soon forget what they were upset about, and vote for some more STUPID because the STUPID tells them what they think they want to hear.
Let's face it, people have a fatal attraction for the STUPID because it's so damn easy to be STUPID!
Yesterday, there was a flash mod scene at the Wisconsin State Capitol. A band came in with singers and sang a piece from the Broadway Musical, Les Miserables. The words were by Victor Hugo, who wrote the story and it was a noble song about workers and their rights and their struggle. It made me think, perhaps the only way to get rid of The STUPID is to do it the good old fashioned way. DO IT QUICK!
as my sweet little wife says.


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Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
The latest poll I heard is that 65% of the U. S. population has woken up and realized that the current events in Wisconsin is the beginning salvo of Union Busting across the country. As you have so correctly put it…have they woken up too late?

Vive la révolution , Vive la liberté!

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I think EoK may be right that the people have woken up from their sleep a little too late. Some, we know who, are still oblivious to the real situation.

microdot said...

well, that is my point, but the deeper point is that it is to easy to accept the stupid and become one of them rather than exercise your brains!
That didn't work at the Nuremburg trials, why should it be acceptable now?

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

It shouldn't. stupidity and ignorance make no sense in the digital age.