Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Kill The Head And The Body Will Die!

A particularly ugly little video from a portable phone that was released yesterday of Saif Gaddafi personally distributing arms and money and exhorting thugs to massacre the opposition.
The Gaddafi clan claims they aren't involved in killing their people, yet the recent history of Libya is a morbid tale of violence to control the various tribes. Moammar Gadaffi is the wealthiest man in the world at this time. His fortune is based on the oil wealth of Libya and his country has been kept poor and uneducated and primitive as he enriched himself.
His persecution of his people and personal corruption are reasons enough for the present revolution after 42 years of his autocratic rule.
He knows that if he was ever deposed by the people he would be murdered miserably. This is what makes him even more dangerous. He is engaged in a struggle to preserve his life and fortune.
For him, it is not about Libya.
He is ready to commit any atrocity to save his and his clans skin. That is why at this time, I support the immediate adoption and enforcement of a NO FLY ZONE over Libya. I urge the UN to give the Libyan opposition the military support they have finally asked for today.
The longer Gaddafi stays, the greater the possibility that he can commit greater attrocities.
The moral decision, now, is to do everything to help the Libyan people succeed in destroying him.
The oil is the fuel that made Gaddafi wealthy and it will be the energy that creates a new Libya. Perhaps the Western world can ignore the color red, the blood of his own people that Gaddafi has shed, but they do understand black, the color of OIL!


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
"Saif Gaddafi personally distributing arms and money" isn't that what G. W. Bush did as soon as he stole the office in 2000?!?!? Wow, how much of a similarity!!

G. W. Bush threw open the surplus tax doors that was being used by Clinton to help pay down the national dept. Just like the pedophile that throws open the doors to the candy store to lure in little boys…..(Everyone breaks into song at this point) George is sitting on a Park Bench……Eyeing little girls with bad intent…..Oh AQUALUNG…

microdot said...

I have to admit that was a brilliant acutely humorous analogy. It's strange to watch the difference in reporting in the US media and Al Jazeera. I posted my thoughts on the Al Jazeera live blog and the consensus was that the focus should be on humanitarian aid.
Seeing the crisis unfold with the refugee situation, I have to agree. The USA is stretched way too thin and it's credibility has been severlely damaged because of Iraq and Afghanistan. But the idea of a no fly zone to keep Gadaffi from using his planes to bomb his own people seems to make sense.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Speaking of how strange to watch the difference in reporting in the U.S. media and Al Jazeera. That is one of the aspects I noticed many years ago during my travels as a young man. I told many friends and people when I got back into the U.S. of the culture shock enlightenment of being outside of the U.S. and looking back in from the prospective of those in another country is quite different that what we here think the world is about or what we think should be. This was an eye opening lesson from the school of real life that I learned at a young age.

As one could say, “The world is not the U.S.’s oyster,” or maybe Samuel Clemmons said it better, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”

All of a sudden I just remembered the Savoy Brown’s album cover, “Looking from the Outside.” I think it is a good start on another post using this image. Now I just need the time. :-)