Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Current - Big Dipper
Medieval England - Farm plow
Ancient Chinese - The Eternal Bureaucrat riding in clouds
Northern Europeans - A cart
Ancient Greeks and Native Americans - A bear’s tail
Ancient Egyptians - A bull, reclining man, a hippopotamus with a crocodile on its back


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I have to admit to marveling at constellations and how the hell anyyone can figure out what is what.

Orion and this one are easy.

On a starry night, I see a lot of stars!

microdot said...

I'm sort of a numb state these last few days. I'm not posting too much original writing. I have to let my brain settle down. It is fun making gifs...
Tomorrow I am forcing myself to go on a 15 kilometer bike ride. The sun is actually expected to to come out and the fog will lift. Today, I took the dog up to the village in the fog and wind...that's not far only about 1.5 kilometers each way...but lots of hills.
The dog took off and chased a fox and came back stinking...he rolled in something awful. I had to leave him out on the street when I got to the store in the village. He enjoyed himself...
I see lots of stars here when it's clear...not much light pollution......