Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wild Magnolias

It's been a long day outdoors. Nice temperature and blue skies, but very windy. I think I tired myself out.
I'm repainting the shutters and wood work on the house and took the dog for a long hike....
Hey, Ha Sho Na Hay, Don't you know it Mardi Gras Day?
Here's some lost America. The Wild Magnolias from 1974...They are still part of the New Orleans, one of the tribes of dancers that perform every Mardi Gras and they have been assisted by the Neville Brothers Clan for years. I've had this record since the 70's. They have the wildest costumes and sing their traditional chants. This is America's roots culture and New Orleans has given us so much music and tradition. I hope the tradition goes on forever!

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