Friday, March 18, 2011

Stravinsky Conducts Firebird

I stumbled upon a series of videos of Stravinsky in his 80's
conducting his Firebird Suite. This was made in the early 60's.
When first performed, in 1910, these compostions caused riots.


mud_rake said...

Marvelous. As a child I was exposed to the more 'regular' classical music and when I first encountered Stravinski's music, it laid harsh upon my ears. However, I soon can to enjoy this neoclassical music greatly.

I still cannot get my ears around 'straight' 12-tone music as in Berg and Shoenberg. The dabblings of Stravinski into this tonal music is less strident for me.

microdot said...

That was part of my serious musical education...
I love 12 tone stuff and played in group in NYC for a while that experimented with 12 tone improvisational theory in a funk rock format....
Hard to imagine? Not if you heard rocked!
It was fun because once you got behind the theory, as a bassist in the band, I could play constantly shifting patterns that always interlocked magically with the other players. When we found an interlocking pattern that was really magically dynamic, it would become a basis for a composition.