Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silence, ca pousse!

New Paint Job! Just In Time!

Across The Road

125 Strawberry Plants
Well, if I haven't been blogging much lately, it's because spring is here. In the last week, I repainted the shutters, windows and door of the house and separated, fertilized and replanted 125 Strawberry Plants in a bed covered with a jute and hemp fabric cover. I also finished cultivating and fertilizing the raspberries.
Every hour, the forest gets greener. You can hear things growing......
and as I write, the strawberry plants I put in the ground yesterday have flowers on them already!
here's a good example of how fast the weather changes...
this is just seconds after the photo with the blue sky and clouds!

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ny edge said...

microdot --
thanks for stopping by my site & now I'm a fan of yours!
The Koch Bros. are despicable, but oh your photos of spring are lovely...we're still waiting for spring here in NYC, a few warm days then it snows again, grrrr