Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Incredible band, 1968, Herbie Mann: flute, Steve Marcus: soprano sax, Miroslav Vitous: Bass and Sonny Sharrock: guitar. Unfortunately, I don't know who the drummer is and I would love it if any one could enlighten me! I am such an abject worshipper of the late Sonny Sharrock. He was one of the great innovative players of electric guitar. He crossed the line between sheer technique and pure human emotion.
This early performance gives a hint of the free jazz boundaries he would break a few years later.


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Could the drummer be Bruno Carr?

microdot said...

you are probably right...I was checking our the time frame of the band and the relationships...Marcus played with Coryell for a few years and Vitous played on the Spaces recording with Chick Corea, Coryell, John McGlaughlin and Billy Cobham in 1970...Sharrock was on the Memphis Underground record with Mann and Vitous in late 69'
Bruno played with Mann around that time....
A very fertile period for Jazz in general.