Monday, January 07, 2013

Fasten Your Seat Belts.....

I did this mash up in 2010....The Zombie Speaker refuses
 to die and his zombie army wants your Social Security,
 Medicare and to eat your BRAINZZZZZZZ!
What an eventful week it has been! First, the Tea Party-infested reactionary Republicans were unable to drive The Country off the fiscal cliff. The Senate overwhelmingly passed a measure which prevented taxes from going up drastically on the vast majority of citizens by a whoppingly uneven bipartisan vote, and the House followed suit, although by a lesser margin. It was signed into law by the President on January 2. This meant, of course, that for the first time in over 20 years, the hated Bush tax cuts for the rich had been partially done away with, and the GOP played a decisive part in actually increasing taxes on the wealthy – Grover Norquist be damned! It was a tremendous victory for President Obama and the Democrats. However, it was far from perfect. Obama had to scale back his request for tax hikes on the rich from his initial starting point of $250,000 per year to a higher $400,000 per year ($450,000 for couples filing jointly). Still, the rich WILL be paying higher taxes starting immediately.
John Boehner, the biggest drunk on the Hill and the worst, most ineffectual Speaker of the House in perhaps this nation’s entire history, was totally marginalized and looked miserable and completely helpless. So very afraid of the government-hating Tea Party faction of his wretched party, he was obviously trying to not anger them too much out of fear that he would lose his Speakership due to them in a few days. At one point, he even came up to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and hatefully said to him, “Go F*ck yourself!” Hardly the type of demeanor one would expect from the Speaker of the House! Of course, what else could we expect from him? I say, ”Go FUck YOURself, Boehner, you pathetically inept little boy!” To Boehner’s credit, though, he did vote in favor of the measure, even as his Majority Leader Eric Cantor and his Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy votedagainst it. Such treachery is becoming standard operating procedure every day among this hopelessly fractured party.
Upon completing this vote, Boehner promptly called for the adjournment of the House, completely ignoring his prior pledge to the governors of the states which suffered severe damage from Hurricane Sandy that the House would vote on and then appropriate the very necessary Federal damage relief funds they needed immediately. Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie was understandably furious at this betrayal and tried unsuccessfully FOUR times to reach Boehner by phone. He was told each time by a Boehner spokesman that the Speaker was unable to take his call. The next day, Christie deservedly lambasted both Boehner and his Tea Party-infested House majority for this unforgivable neglect. A very angry Republican New York Representative Peter King also strongly voiced his outrage and even urged regular contributors to NOT donate to this year’s Republican congressional campaign fund! Boehner ignored them and simply put out a statement which said that he would no longer meet with President Obama on any further budget talks – an utterly unprecedented dereliction of duty by a very small, cowardly man who is apparently in way over his head!
This Republican Civil War is on full blast, folks. The narrow-minded, debt-obsessed, government-hating reactionary Tea Party faction is paralyzing and destroying the party altogether. With the debt ceiling and budget debates looming menacingly ahead, this spells bad things in store for not only the Republican Party, but also our nation and the entire global economy as well. To quote Betty Davis,

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