Saturday, January 05, 2013

Move To A Real Democracy! Fuck Yeah!

 The first time that Bill threatened to pack it in was his panic over the Health Care Bill. Sunshine O'Reilly,  the drip dry patriot, threatened to quit his job, hah...liar, liar...and then last September, he threatened to leave the country if Obama raised his taxes. Someone has to remind Bill of his
 own words. He's not the only one who has threatened to leave America if he didn't get "his" way...Limbaugh said that he would leave America over health care and then again, if Obama was re elected.and.we're still waiting, fat boy...
Depardieu 2 weeks ago...too damn fat, too damn
 drunk to even take a piss with out
But where would they go? Where on the world would they find a place as Conservative as they fantasize about, with a strong macho white guy for them both to cream on? In fact, if they really were serious, Vladimir Putin would probably find a place in a rotting high rise in St. Petersburg or Vladivostock to display them as his guests and recipients of the Freedom of Mother Russia. In fact that's what all the really trendy senile, fat and greedy turncoats are doing these days. Putin extended his warm welcome to Gerard Depardieu and granted him instant citizenship because he disagrees with The French Socialist Administrations plan to temporarily raise the tax rats on the very richest. The Hollande plan was rejected by the French Constitutional Commission last week on a technicality, but they will re submit it in the next few weeks. Depardieu for his part, graciously accepted and said he would be happy to be a citizen of a real democracy. Maybe he thinks Putin will introduce him to the members of Pussy Riot. The only thing I can say in Depardieu's defense is that he just plain too incoherent and in the control of his "advisors" who are just waiting until he finally blows himself up. The man is not well and it's a real case of auto destruction at it's butt ugliest!
Then, well, because it's the in thing to do if you're a fat useless brain dead rich fascist, the semi conscious corpulent sex symbol, Bridgette Bardot said she wanted to move to Russia as well today...It's kind of fuzzy as to why, but it has something to do with taxes and some elephants, what ever...I'm sure Vladimir Putin will figure out what to do with her. Perhaps they can do some kind of extension on the Lenin Mausoleum. If they can get Limbaugh,( krikey, the thought of Depardieu and Limbaugh in the same very bowels shudder....) in there as well, they will have to install some kind of high tech ventilation system, but I'm sure they will manage to somehow find the happiness they are seeking so desperately together, somehow or what ever.....

Proud New Russian Citizens Brigette Bardot and Gerard Depardieu
the perfect cohost for Ted Nugents next Cable TV show!
"Hey, Brigette, if you'd get your fat ass out of the way, 
I might get a clear shot at this damn elephant...oops,
desole, excuse-moi , Monsieur Depardieu. 
Doesn't look too bad, 
only a flesh wound"
You know, another possible fun guy for this menage a quatre...making it a menage a cinq, would be Teddy Boy Chicken Hawk Nugent, who publicly promised he'd either be dead or in jail if Obama was re elected. Unfortunately, Diaper Boy reneged on both of his promises and he's still gracing us with his odious presence, but he did lose his Cable TV Show. Maybe he can get a new deal in Russia and get Putin to come on and shoot elephants with Brigette Bardot...and as a very special guest star, Sarah Palin! She likes guns. She loves to hunt and hey, she's like already a neighbor of Vlad's...why not get the entire Palin Clan to relocate to Mother Russia? Russia is a very big big place, and there's always room for a few hundred more Palins! Extra bonus, Bristol Palin, although she lost her TV Reality show in the USA, she could actually make it really big on Russian far as the Russian esthetic goes, she is a real hottie! Anyone up for Dancing With The Czars? Now, that would be entertainment!

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bj said...

Now to figure out how to get the Tea Party Members to move to Russia, with it's flat tax of 13%, knowing how they love the flat tax rate idea. Wait! S'prolly still a bit too "Socialist" for the likes of The Tea Party, Rushbo and Fibbin' Willy ... But Mooselini and Brisket can SMELL lower tax rates from their front porch!
btw .... BB in that itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini did more to assure my sexual preference for women than anything else back in the early 60's. My, My, MY! ... she was FINE!