Thursday, January 10, 2013

That Sweet Smell Of Crack Cocaine

Well in the last posts yesterday regarding the professional lunatic, Ales Jones and why his ilk have the audience they have in America, there was a comment by doggone in which she stated her theory that there was a kind of sexual thrill that many Americans experienced when they indulged in right wing nut conspiracy theories. She might have a point, but I think it's more like the thrill you would get from the explosion of a meth lab in a tacky trailer park in Tennessee...or that tingle of excitement walking through Tompkins Square Park at dawn and catching the fumes of someone smoking crack on a bench....
I personally have never been part of a nationwide conspiracy that includes staging shootings in multiple states, spoon-feeding the story to the media, and using a ton of Black Ops and bribes to cover it all up each time an investigator puts two and two together but I would imagine that it would get fairly expensive and kind of complicated.
At least that seems to be the logic behind one of the latest conspiracies to spring up in the wake of the recent tragedy I was discussing in my last post; these guys are claiming that many of the families, news reporters, victims and in some cases even the perpetrator are all actors hired by the government to play roles in staged tragedies and massacres. Apparently the major conspiracy that controls the entirety of the USA is trying to keep costs down by re-using these actors in different places.
No, I’m not kidding you. This is a real thing. People actually claim to believe this.
The lovely folks have Snopes have traced the origins of this theory to Wellaware1, a site that, amongst other things, has claimed that both Hitler and Walt Disney were characters portrayed by the son of US President Theodore Roosevelt. And that Jack White was the real perpretrator of the Aurora shootings, amongst others. So clearly they know what they’re talking about.
Others have taken this nuttyness and run with it since then, however; this video uses a photo of the Two and a Half Men actor Angus T Jones from when he was around eleven years old (he’s nineteen now, by the by) to claim that he portrayed one of the victims of the tragedy just a few weeks ago. Oh, and apparently Fox News, CNN and many other news sources are all under the control of Obama as part of a conspiracy to destroy the Second Amendment and take away the guns.
Obama’s even more cunning than we thought; he’s using Fox News’ frequent and excessive criticism of him as a smokescreen for the fact that they secretly do his bidding, the diabolical bastard.
I know I’m not really giving this thing a fair trial but honestly, what else am I supposed to do? The people spreading this particularly noxious brand of shit aren’t just paranoid as hell, they’re insulting the real people who were affected by this tragedy, insulting the memories of the real victims. It’s deplorable.
Seriously, if such a widespread, quasi-omniscient conspiracy existed you’d think they could afford to hire better actors.


dog gone said...

Thanks for the mention, LOL.

May I cross post this? I love it.

I do still think these guys cream their jeans, to use a vulgar phrase for their very visceral delight. The excitement is from the fresh justification for the thrill they get firing as many guns as many times as they can. It is a secondary thrill to their primary gun firing orgasmic thrill.

Given the documented emotions of fear from any aspect of society which they see as contrary to tradition and conformity, I think they also use the fear factor as a way to assuage their sense of guilt and possibly cognitive dissonance. There has to be a little bit of free-floating doubt that when you are labeled - as Alex Jones is - someone who has the same credentials as hate groups by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law just has to make you wonder why so many, many, MANY people despite you.

People like that retreat into their fear scenarios as a justification; there is both thrill and comfort in it, it represents emotional thinking. Facts and objective reality then become the enemy of that psychological comfort.

The research on the brain's electro-chemical response and how it differs with hard right conservatives from normal people (yes, I worded that deliberately, and mean it) is documented by scientific research, including MRIs.

squatlo said...

You had to go and refer to a meth lab exploding in a Tennessee trailer park, didn't you...?

heavy sigh

Actually, that happens a lot around here. One of my friends was camping near a boat ramp when a truck roared past the campground fully engulfed in flames, turned and backed down the boat ramp INTO the river to put out the fire. Told the authorities it had caught fire in his garage... later they visited his garage and found his entire house and burned down due to a meth explosion. He had saved the most valuable thing he owned, his old truck.

Never a dull moment here!

microdot said...

Hah...well, you have to like the alliteration...Trashy Tennessee Trailer Park....beter than a Kentucky Crack House....
The nasty smell of Crack is one that I know all too well from my other life in The East Village. Now, the nastiest thing I smell is when the local farmer manures the pasture.....
I could go on with my analogy of cheap addictive drugs and conservative trash hate radio....a cheap high, it really brings it own special after effects....violent mood swings, unpredictable behavior, paranoiac fantasies....really, if you ever had to hang out with crack heads and coke freaks, you would see that there is not really any difference.

bj said...

"They say Cocaine's for horses ... and it it ain't for men.
They Say it's gonna kill me ...."

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