Thursday, January 10, 2013


Members of the Fascist Golden Dawn Party demonstrating in Athens.
The group has established representation in the Greek Government and
has many members in the Greek Police force. Unfortunately, The Golden
Dawn Party has begun to recruit in Queens, NY!
On October 15th, The United States State Department issued a travel warning on its website advising Americans about potential problems they might encounter if they decise to vacation in Greece. Tourist of any suspicious ethnicity are being stopped and arrested by the police. There have been many incidences of pass[ports being seized and brutal beatings. The Greek Police have not acknowledged any culpability or addressed and complaints from the State Department. This has happened to American  black tourists but it has happened to white Americans as well.
The Greek Police claim it is part of their crackdown on Illegal immigration which they have labeled, Operation Xenios Zeus, strangely named after the ancient Greek god of hospitality. Unfortunately, Greece in its economic crisis austerity, needs tourism, but the extreme right wing xenophobic nationalism of the Golden Dawn Fascist political party has permeated and infected the Greek Police force from top to bottom. Greece had been obsessed for years by the mass exodus of its citizens emigrating to other countries, now they are afraid that foreigners might be trying to enter Greece. Admittedly, Greece is a entry portal for Europe from the Middle East and Northern Africa, but most illegals coming into Greece are trying to get somewhere else, fast. The violence has been experienced by corporate businessmen, academics and any one who is legitimately in the country and randomly is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There was a BBC article today which documents the experiences of Korean and American tourists who were brutally beaten after being arrested for looking non Greek. It doesn't matter if you have a passport or documents. You are dealing with xenophobic hate inspired fascist violence. If you were a victim of the Greek police, you cannot expect them to compensate you or even admit their  involvement. Greece may need tourism bucks, but until they learn to curb their fascist nationalistic brutality, STAY OUT OF GREECE!


dog gone said...

Dot? May I crosspost this too, please? let me know by email at, the blog email.

It goes so well with the piece from Laci on the fourteen identifying points of fascism.

Honest! I still do write plenty of my own content, I just love what you've written that much.


microdot said...

I know what you write and it's great! I get inspired by other people, but I try hard to find another way of looking at it. Perhaps living in this rather isolated rural French landscape...I don't have very many english speaking friends and I get most of my news from the internet...this might be a very rural the end of a country road, but I do have great cheap internet service here.
One cool thing here is that the TV Stations have all gone digital and most of the big stations have an HD channel and then a regular channel...for some reason, the movies on the regular channel are always in Version original. You can imagine how weird it is to see Woody Allen dubbed into French nut last night I got to see Scoop in English on TV....sometimes they forget to turn on the French version for the Simpsons, so I get to see that in English once in a while.

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