Monday, January 07, 2013


This is the 1981 film, Urgghhh...a compilation of what the state of the art of the ridiculously fertile and licentious cross breeding of punk, new wave, no wave, art, avant garde/semi mainstream that was occurring at that point in time, and let's face it, will never really be allowed to take place again.  
Featuring The Police, Devo, The Go-Gos, Oingo Boingo, X, The Cramps, Joan Jett, UB40, Pere Ubu, Wall of Voodoo, Echo & the Bunnymen, XTC, Klaus Nomi, Gary Numan, Joan Jett, Gang of Four, UB40 and X, Urgh! is a two hour compilation of live performances by both well-known and obscure bands of the early 80's Punk, new wave and electronic genres recorded live in L.A., London, New York City and elsewhere. Every performance is a jewel, a time capsule of the influenced and the influential in rock music right up to today. I will admit to being in attendance at the Klaus Nomi performance at the Ritz. He was an amazingly strange human. We were all trying to be amazingly strange humans. I did my part.....For pretty good taste of the brilliance, scroll to about 1:13 in the video to see David Thomas and Pere Ubu...Clevelands unrecognized genius in residence! Followed of course by Kent States Finest, Devo, who have an Uncontrollable Urge! Incredible Art!

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