Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Frikin Meth Lobby

I have to thank Laci The Dog for this. I posted the exchange on CNN between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones yesterday and then his totally paranoiac, if I was an independent observer, I would say an obviously drug influenced rant from his hotel room in NYC after the interview....
Laci found this history of Jone's insane on the air predictions on YouTube. There are thousands of people who listen to him! Is there some kind of equivalency between what Jones is doing and making Meth crystal and selling it out of the back of his trailer? It should be very interesting to watch him blow hisself up...cause he's gonna do it hisself real good!


Laci The Dog said...

I think Alex makes a pretty persuasive argument for gun control.

bj said...

Just another right wing nut job who's whole modus operandi is a loud mouth, a rapier-like pointing finger, and fear mongering. He needs to move to the BIG (and untaxed!)money and become a Fundamentalist "Preacher". He'd fit right in with the Fred Phelps/Westboro crowd.

dog gone said...

He's absolutely reprehensible.

I also have to wonder why it is that his mouthbreathing listeners haven't noticed that all those claims of his don't match up to the results AT ALL.

This is the same kind of bullshit that the victims of the 2nd largest Ponzi scheme in Minnesota pushed on ultra-religious, ultra-conservative elderly 'investors', ripping off every last dime they had, including equity stripping the homes they owned.

Three of the remaining four were just sentenced last week. They are nice, dear people. Why they believed this stuff goes to the totality of the conservative media that they trusted, not just this one guy. It seems so obvious when you listen to this guy isolated from the rest of the totality of the right wing bubble that these people live in.

No surprise, the victims got no sympathy from the rest of the right; rather the right was pretty mercenary about continuing to exploit this kind of crap for their own benefit, and the old dears could go starve and die for all they cared.

Compassionate conservatism my ass; values-conservatism, my ass again.

They are simply horrible people.

I have a current theory that the right gets off on a good scare like it was a sexual thrill.

Nothing else explains their obsession with this kind of fear mongering.

microdot said...

There is no such animal as compassionate conservatism. How ever they try to spin it, it comes out to just go away and die where I can't see you and get the fuck off of my lawn when you do it!
Doggone, your comment about the sexual frisson of right wing fear mongering is fairly apt...but I like my cheap crack high analogy a little more...It certainly is a powerful addiction to a certain susceptible portion of the population.