Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Next Revolution?

10,000 people stormed the Gun Show at the Cow Palace in Daly City, California buying guns and ammo because they were in a tizzy worried that Obama was going to take away their guns...and they of course were ready to start the next American Revolution to defend their right to own multiple assault weapons to defend themselves against...something...or other...what ever...
Most of the gun rights advocates I have had the privilege of communicating with seem to have issues and problems even with trying to provide decent health care for their families, but damned if they are gonna let Obama force them to have affordable socialist communistic government sponsored health care. If they are gonna die, it's gonna be on their own terms, dammit, because they cannot afford the 1000 buck or so a month ransom the insurance companies demand to have any kind of peace of mind to believe they have the best damned health care system in the world!
But these same folks can spend hundreds, thousand of dollars to buy the biggest, most powerful guns on the planet and enough ammo for "what ever"  to protect themselves from Joe Biden and their Xenophobic conspiracy nightmares of Librul type infestations or what have you. Now that's marketing.
And part of the markting genius of the Arms Manufacturers and their Puppet Organization, the NRA is to to spread the paranoid meme. Most of the knee jerk tea brained idiots, if asked why they needed to buy more guns now, would answer that they had to because, Obama was going to take them all away and if that was gonna happen, well, it's time for another American Revolution! Well,um they have made a mint off of Obama is coming for your guns BS, even after he signed into law a bill allowing people to carry guns in national parks, and SCOTUS struck down hand gun bans as unconstitutional, gun owners today have more freedom than when the Bush boys were in office; Mean while republicans are trying to register every vagina in America, outlaw abortion, so they will have cannon fodder to throw at the Chinese when we default on all the money (mostly fucking republican presidents spent) we owe and start WW3. Not to mention the 19% of the national debt that is owed to social security, the republicans are all for double taxation when it comes to the money taken out of S.S. but capital gains is double taxation even though your making money that has never been fucking taxed.
Another Revolution? Sorry guys...The biggest noise I expect to hear from these lame ass tea brains is the sound of a 10.000 TV screens being shot out across America by 10,000 lame ass tea brained fat Elvis wannabees...but how the fuck are you gonna explain that to your insurance company? 


Ol'Buzzard said...

Being raised in the south,I know these people; but, damn if I can explain them. It is that fucking make believe parallel world they convince themselves they live in.

We say we need to make sure that people with mental illnesses can't get guns...many of these people are raving lunatics - just undiagnosed.

You can't take their guns, but the best we can hope for is to limit their kill potential.

the Ol'Buzzard

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