Sunday, January 27, 2013

Please, Mr. Boehner, Don't Ever Change....

House Speaker John Boehner is worried:
"Given what we heard yesterday about the president's vision for his second term, it's pretty clear to me that he knows he can't do any of that as long as the House is controlled by Republicans," Boehner said in a speech Tuesday to The Ripon Society. "So we're expecting over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party.
"And let me just tell you, I do believe that is their goal — to just shove us into the dustbin of history."
Given that it was the Republicans' stated goal in 2010 to
make Barack Obama a one-term president, it's only fair that he and the Democrats at least try to return the favor. But even if they don't, the GOP seems to have done a pretty good job of destroying themselves in the eyes of the average voter all by themselves.
The best thing President Obama could do is just leave them alone. Please proceed, Mr. Speaker.  
As thousands of people endured the bitter cold temperatures in Washington, D.C., on Friday to join the anti-abortion protest "March for Life," House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) took the opportunity to suck up to the extreme conservatives, who are a small minority in the nation. A recent poll showed that 7 in 10 Americans now oppose Roe v. Wade being overturned.
Addressing the crowd at the National Mall in a video broadcast, Boehner said it's time for anti-abortion activisits to "commit ourselves to doing everything we can to protect the sanctity of life." Step one, he said, is making the Hyde Amendment permanent, which prevents federal dollars from being used to pay for abortions except in cases of rape or incest.
"For the new Congress, that means bringing together a bipartisan pro-life majority and getting to work," Boehner said. "In accordance with the will of the people, we will again work to pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, formally codifying the Hyde Amendment."
Boehner said he will make it a national priority to "help make abortion a relic of the past."
"Let that be one of our most fundamental goals this year," he said.
Why does John Boehner insist upon drawing from the minority of people to determine -- in his mind -- what the will of the people is? And abortion a national priority in 2013, really? Did he sleep through the 2012 election cycle?
I have to make the connection between this desperate attempt by Boehner to connect with his "base" and the ongoing legalization of "Mariage pour Tous" here in France. Mariage Pour Tous is the phrase that means Gay Marriage here. The right has allied itself with the Catholics and generated a few highly organized and orchestrated anti gay marriage events here in France over the last few months. The results? As of today, the French public supports Mariage Pour Tous overwhelmingly by 65% in all polls. Today, an alternative demonstration is taking place in cities all over is a very nasty winter and rainy and cold, yet in French cities, millions of people are out on the streets demonstrating their support for the rights of Male and Female Gay couples to legally wed and adopt children The more the Conservatives bigots make an embarrassing display of their hate, the more they turn off the rest of the country. Though, America does not have the religious history of France,  the majority of Americans are good people and ruled by the same impulses. After all, after all is said and done, and the hooting of the idiots dies down on FOX NEWS, America did re elect Barak Hussein Obama for a second term.
Also from the poll I mentioned above:
"McInturff adds that the abortion-related events and rhetoric over the past year – which included controversial remarks on abortion and rape by two Republican Senate candidates, as well as a highly charged debate over contraception – helped shaped these changing poll numbers.
“The dialogue we have had in the last year has contributed … to inform and shift attitudes.”'
However, if Mr. Boehner wants to continue to push the Republican party into irrelevance, that's okay by me. As long as he doesn't waist precious time that should be devoted to real issues that concern the majority of Americans today.

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