Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eurovision 2013

Why do I get so excited over the yearly ritual of Eurovision? I love trash culture! I actually anticipate the 4 hour ritual of the performances, the trans continental voting...the idiotic commentary, the national shame suffered each year by Britain! I am beginning to believe that the economic onus of being the Eurovision winner has a lot to do with the actual quality of the entries. If your country wins, well, they have to be the host of the next years competition..and what with the Euro Crisis, who needs that?  I just found this, the Estonian Band, Winny Puhh....this is going to be Estonia's Eurovision entry. This is kind of beyond wonderful in my universe. I have a lot of Estonian friends and few Estonian relatives and this explains a lot. They won't win. Nothing I ever like ever wins....But, I wish I was Estonian!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is NOT going to be Estonia's Eurovision entry. It came in 3rd in the Estonian national final (from which this LIVE video is taken).