Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fearless Vampire Killers When You Need Them?

Nobody knows the real net worth of Pat Robinson...I tried to get a real number today and I found that it's estimated from 40 million to over 4 billion dollars. It's easy to hide money when you are operating one of the biggest scams in the world under the guise of a religion. I wrote quite a bit about his relationship with Charles Taylor, the warlord dictator of Liberia and Mobuto Sese Seku of Zaire. Robertson supposedly was supplying humanitarian aid with planes his organization chartered, paid for by donations to his "700 Club" by poor suckers who were totally behoodled by this redneck vampire.
In reality, the shipments were illegal arms which financed his investment in his own ADC (African Development Company) which is a diamond mining operation which was responsible for the virtual enslavement of thousands of African children who slaved and died in his mines. Robertson never invested a penny of his own money. It all came from the minions who dared to look into his eyes and surrender to the will of this Redneck Vampire Scam Artist. He seems ageless, when was he born? Does he sleep in a crypt in vault beneath the CBN Studios in a world of perpetual artificially lit night. Would he wither up and die if he accidentally let a ray of sunlight penetrate his perpetually cosmetically enhanced pallor? I'm convinced he's a blood sucking Vampire. The Big Boss Redneck Vampire King who feasts on hate and wants to achieve world domination by enslaving all who dare to look into his eyes.
Give Me Your Money, Your First Born Son and Your Blood.
He never rests, yesterday, on his 700 Club Broadcast, he appealed to families who could not pay their bills to trust him, and just give him 20 bucks a month if they wanted him to pray their way out of financial strife. Here's the actual manipulative video he presented to his miserable viewers to convince them to give him their money and surrender their souls and blood. 
Where, o, where are the fearless vampire killers when we need them? A burning oaken stake should have been driven through this demons chest long ago. But Vampire Killers are mere humans and Robertson has been out witting them for eons....


J.O.B. said...

This vulture needs to get hit by a truck, in the name of our Father of course.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I love the Fearless Vampire Killer. Especially the scene where the Jewish vampire comes into the maidens room and she brandishes a cross - and he replies: Boy have you got the wrong vampirw.
the Ol'Buzzard