Friday, March 22, 2013

Walking On Thin Ice

 John Lennon was murdered in front of the Dakota Apartment building where he lived with Yoko Ono on December 8. 1980 by Mark David Chapman who purchased a $169 Charter Arms .38 Revolver legally in Hawaii in spite of history of documented psychiatric problems. Chapman was obsessed with murdering a celebrity and was fixated on Lennon.Yoko Ono asked that we remember on their March, 20 wedding anniversary date, that over 1,057,000 other Americans have been been murdered by guns since that date. When Lennon was shot, he was carrying an attache case with the master tape of this song, which tumbled out onto the ground. It was the last piece of music he recorded. Some of the most interesting guitar work that Lennon ever recorded. He tries to do with his instrument what Yoko did with her voice. The other guitar in the piece is Earl Slick. Lennon never tried to be a lead guitarist. He was a composer and stylist but there were a few occasions where he used the guitar as another expressive voice and this song is rather interesting metaphor for a creative process cut short...It was work in progress, like Lennon.....

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