Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I will always love Detroit. No matter where I am, deep down, in my soul, I will always be proud to 
be a Detroit Boy. That's where I learned about survival, by any means necessary.
Community groups and Occupy Detroit using "any means necessary" to save homes from foreclosure.


bj said...

You been keeping up with the exploits of Tricky Ricky Snyder and his planned takeover of Detroit?

microdot said...

I started to write a piece on Snyder and voter apathy being the biggest enabler of the ALEC outo Zombies who are taking over America state by state.
There is a quote by George Orwell that was perfect and I'm trying to find it about ignorance and the pathetic ignorance of the deliberatly political ignorant. People who excuse their apathy by saying their vote doesn't count, so why bother? That's what happened in America .