Sunday, July 27, 2008


Two images here,
one is John McCain today, a fellow on the other side of 73 years old. The other image is John McCain in a campaign image from 2000. An 8 year old image that was used by's not news's OPINION!
They used the image on Friday to give the viewers the impression that the 8 year old footage was current footage of McCain on the campaign trail.
Now the McCain campaign and it's advisors and supporters have said all along that age was off limits. It would be unfair of Obama to use John McCains dubious possibility of being the oldest newly elected president against him.
Obama and the Democrats have respected this limit.
Today, John McCain issued a statement attacking Obama because he was too young!
In other words, 46 years old is too young to president!
He is using age as an issue against Obama and it is a pretty ridiculous issue. He tries to hide behind the shield of propriety and manners when it comes to his own advanced years and questionable health but as we have recently seen, John McCain in attack mode is becoming increasingly unhinged.
Do you think his age has anything to do with it?

Here's an update, this is an actual ad the McCain Campaign is using today in the European Press, the picture is 25 years old! John McCain through his vanity and very bad judgement has now made his age and mental stability an issue that is fair game by
choosing to lie about it! I suppose we should be grateful that he has enough of his real hair on his head to prevent him from assaulting us with an extreme Donald Trump style comb over!
Really now, do you think age has anything to do with it? Can we talk?

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