Monday, July 21, 2008

The pictures above are just a few of the oilrigs destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. 3 of them went adrift and were pushed over 60 kilometers from their positions.
These are physical manifestations of the truth.
But yet, to promote the idea of offshore drilling, the Republican Party and the Oil Industry are trying to use a network of lies to create myths to convince the american public that the answer to the high prices for petrol products lies in granting permission to start drilling everywhere, now!
If is is such a good idea, then why are we being lied to on such an obvioulsy bald faced fashion to promote it? Just force of habit, perhaps?
We have seen the use of fear tactics, as in Dick Cheney's assertion that the Chinese were already drilling off the coast of Cuba. This was immediately repudiated as a lie and Cheney was forced to publicly say he was "mistaken".
Of course, once a lie is deliberately released, the jackals go howling as the next week, Republican Representative "Mean Jean" Schmidt from Cincinatti made the assertion on the floor of The House of Representatives. It still is being used as a factoid by the rabid hate radio parrots.
So, now that John McCain has realized the value of promoting this quick non fix of Americas energy problems, he has jumped on the band wagon. He has made the statement that "not one drop of oil was spilled during Hurricane Katrina" and his campaign was forced to retract it the next day, but he didn't. The next day he stated that "not a single oil rig was damaged by Katrina!" a factoid easily proven wrong and there was almost 200 Million dollars of infra structure damage to the oil industry.
The statements are being trumpeted by Tom DeLay, the discredited Congressman who isa nopw a lobbyist for the oil industry. They were repeated by Congressman Blunt on CNN yesterday.
As Nancy Pelosi stated on the same program, the oil from any of this drilling won't reach American gas pumps for 10 years and will bring about a possible 60 cent reduction in prices.
The only winners here are the oil industry and their paid lackeys.
The statement that not one drop of oil was spilled by Hurricane Katrina is easily enough disproved by hard facts. If you need some real proof or know someone who is in need of a reality check, visit the site skytruth for actual satellite photos of the oil spills in the Gulf. In fact, look around at the skytruth site, it's fascinating and a great source of real documentation as to reality on the planet we live.

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