Friday, July 11, 2008


Here's an interview with George Bush Jr. from 2006 that was shown live on Irish television. It was and will never be shown on American network news. It was Banned and if you watch you will understand why the administration would not let it be shown!


steve said...

I don't understand why it was banned, it it was. He didn't say anything new or groundbreaking that he hadn't said in dozens of other interviews. I think maybe the singling out of France was pretty crazy, but other than that, he actually came off fairly passionate, albiet single minded.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. He's right. The world is not more dangerous because we went to Iraq. Sadam was a WMD himself. Terrorists have targeted many countries, not just the US. So I don't think our presence in Iraq has increased global terrorism. It may have slowed down Osama's efforts elsewhere in the world as Al Quaeda has focused on disrupting Iraq.

microdot said...

I personally believe the video reveals the presidenty as being an ideologically driven lunatic out of touch with reality and he was very nasty with the nice Irish girl.

Anonymous is wrapped up in a conservative fog of distorted reportage and obviously doesn't watch anythiong but FOX network news to upset the pleasant fantasy of a world thatr doesn't exist.

The world ism undeniably a much more dangerous place now than it was in 2000. Wake up, read real news, stop drugging yourself with the opiate of propaganda and Cheneyisms.