Monday, July 07, 2008

What America Wants...brought to you by FOX NEWS

On the day after the Columbian hostages, Ingrid Betancourt, 3 American Mercenaries and 11 Columbian Military Personell, FOX NEWS reported that perhaps the fact that John McCain was in Columbia that day, there just might possibly have been a connection.
After all they are a news service and we expect a news service to give us real news, right? We count on FOX NEWS to give America what they want! America doesn't want leaders who want to sit down and waste time with fancy diplomatic negotiations! We want a straight talkin man of action and they don't make them any more!
John McCain and Ronald Reagan were the last of a breed. They don't negotiate and sit around drinking tea and eating scones, dotting the i's and crossing every t on a sissy little treaty!
America wants a leader who can walk into the middle of the FARC stronghold in the Columbian jungle armed only with a Ginzu steak knife and sneak up behind the FARC commander and whisper in a chilling voice which inspires utter cold fear, "Cut the bullshit, beaner. Let the hostages go, now..."
This is the kind of man of action America wants and FOX NEWS can give it to them!
Aren't you glad America has FOX NEWS instead of boring, depressing real news?

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steve said...

hahahaha, I LOVE that picture!