Thursday, July 03, 2008

tEknicKLe diFFiKULtyS

Posting has been rather erratic here. It's hard working around summer storm power outages...and having to shut the computer down when a storm approaches....lately when ever we get a good one, we invariably lose power for a few hours.
Then, there was the general internet outage that lasted 2 days this week. Everyone around here was affected.
Last but not least, my 10 year old iMac is beginning to show its senility. I somehow have defied the basic laws of physics and stuffed OSX in it and pushed the memory to the max, but it gets really cranky on hot days.
I'd sure love to get a nice new iMac with a lot of memory and keep it running for another 10 years...but that's a wish for the future.
I think my brain is on summer vacation, I really enjoy the disciplne of writing this blog and the opportunity to express myself and communicate to the readers who stumble across it.
But, it's summer and I find myself taking long bike trips, and the work of gardening here...we have a massive vegetable garden in progress...and a commitment to landscaping take up most of my days. Am I complaining? Ha!
So, here is a little bit of Detroit, 1970, the greatest band in America for a few short months...The MC5 performing Looking At You
A return to more serious idiocy tomorrow! I promise!

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