Monday, July 28, 2008


Photoshop is a potentially dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.
Children should be cautioned when operating Photoshop.
If any Photoshop accidentally is spilled, wash hands immediately.
Do not look directly at Photoshop with out special protective glasses.
Ask you doctor about possible harmful side effects.

Now that I have responsibly cautioned you, I feel secure in directing
your attention to a Photoshop manipulator whose work I admire greatly.
Darkblack, go there now.
The name of the piece pictured above is Goonica.

1 comment:

static brain said...

It fits, the name Goonica. I hope some of those harmful side effects don't rub off on me just for looking at it. LOL. The horns on Condoleeza are perfect. I think the rest of them need horns too though. Isn't photoshop wonderful?