Thursday, July 31, 2008


Another remake of an ancient monster movie, McCain Attacks 2008, on your televisions now. Watch as the cranky monster tries to get your attention. He will make you squirm with irritated and uncomfortable boredom as he tries to remember the statements he made the day before. Oh, he really tries to be scary as he accuses his opponent of being a socialist, a non patriot, a rock star who is somehow connected with Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton and you didn't actually hear him say it, but is there a connection there? Hmmm? Two blonde white women and a mixed race presidential candidate....naw, he didn't really say it...his ad only subliminally makes the connection if you are predispositioned to have such thoughts, and if you are, you should be ashamed of yourself! McCain would say so if you said it to his face!
Watch him lie, watch him distort the truth, watch him blurt out the first opportunistic answer on any subject that he thinks will please the audience he is pandering to at any given time!
With a cast of Karl Roves' top operatives and the publicity team that gave you George Bush Jr, who up to now held the title of the very worst scariest president ever, John McCain Attacks 2008 is in the running to deliver perhaps a real challenge to that title!
You'll squirm, You'll fidget, You will probably groan in discomfort as John McCain 2008 meanders on and on and wanders into the gutter talking to himself trying to take you and the rest of a disheartened, bored, depressed nation with him.
Here is a scene from John McCain Attacks 2008, probably one of the high points,
John McCain discovers the internet! Run, but not with any sharp objects and look both ways before crossing busy streets.


Anonymous said...

This is slightly OT but you used 2 four letter words: "Karl" and "Rove."

Last night I finished "In Justice," by David Iglesias, the fired US AG of New Mexico. The book is well written and a quick read @ about 220 pp. It documents the whole sorry affair which leads back to you-know-who. In fact Iglesias opines that the meltdown at the DOJ prompted you-know-who to leave the WH and go back to TX to"spend more time with his family."

Meanwhile, Monica Goodling, who first said she would invoke her 5th Amendment privilege and then was granted immunity, now has confessed to applying a conservative litmnus test to applicants at the DOJ who were applying for civil service positions. Rhodes scholars and Ivy League law school grads were denied positions b/c their wives were Democrats or they were insufficiently conservative while less qualified peole were hired b/c they loved George II.

Today, I read that a Court of Appeals judge ruled that executive privilege would not protect Harriet Meiers and you-know-who and they wlll have to testify b/f Congress.

I dance the Kazachok. The vultures are coming home to roost.



microdot said...

YEAH!I just read about that ruling regarding Miers and Bolton. The ruling also mentioned in a few places that congress had the power of physically detaining individuals who were ignored subpoenas.

I wrote extensively about Monica Gooding when this first came to head last year....

I never had roasted vultures before, but they must be good with a nice side of ice cold revenge on the half shell.

But what can youu expect from congress, today they turned out the lights to go on vacation and not vote on the Republican off shore drilling bill and the Republican congresspersons are still in the building trying to collect their bonuses from the oil companies!

Question: Which presumptive presidential candidate recieved close to a million bucks in the last month from oil companies in campaign donations?

Anonymous said...

I just heard about the Gang of Ten's compromise plan.

Maybe when congress gets back from the beach.