Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Quick One While He's Away

If you haven't seen this before, take a look!
The Who, 1968 in the Rolling Stone's Rock and Roll Circus Movie....
A great band creatively pushing the limits of the genre, a mini operatic tour de force, they quite literally steal the show!
It's pretty funny stuff as well!


-Sepp said...

The Who...always a good show!
While in Europe, I found a record that the who did covering a bunch of Stone's songs while Mick and Keith were locked up in jail to "keep their music out there".
If you see one at a used record shop...grab it!

microdot said...

I would love to hear that!
I recently bought a nice cd version of The Who Sell Out with alternate takes and songs that were not on the original. That of course is where A Quick One comes from.
I'd have a much better chance of finding the record you are speaking of in Emgland...Here, in the flea markets, it's all Johnny Hallidays greatest hits and Claude Francois...Clo-Clo...gasp.

Big news here, the town of St. Agnan becomes a hot bead of night life during vacation season and the posters are all ready going up for a concert on August 9 of a band called KING...a tribute to Freddie Mercury.
I think I will be staying home that night and off of the highway!