Friday, July 25, 2008


Here are two very different images. One is Barack Obama speaking to over 200,000 enthusiastic people in Berlin today. One of the issues he touched upon was his commitment to make the United States a leader in salvaging the environmental disaster we have allowed our planet to become.
The other image is the tragic oil spill in New Orleans which really is a major environmental disaster. John McCain planned to give a speech today on an oil rig off the coast of New Orleans and he had to cancel it because of the oil spill. Somedays you just want to scream.


mud_rake said...

Here's the odd [read scary] fact, however. You and I and millions of others with their brain switch in the 'on' position know this, but then there is West Virginia, southern ohio, and central Pennsylvania threatening 8 more years of Bush.

The race card. Pure and simple. Last evening I was speaking to our European traveling friends who love and support the progressive movement. She casually said, "But my mother-in-law said that she could never vote for a colored man!"

There you go. So before Europe assumes that Obama will move in to the White House in January, they ought to read about the history of race in America for a dose of chilling reality.

microdot said...

I have been posting and commenting on racism in America. This is wht I say I believe in miracles, because it will take a miracle of organization to get Obama elected in the racist climate of the United States.
It's there veiled in bizarre comments on the mainstream media blogs and it exists blatantly in the comments on the myriad of conservative blogs.
Yes, I believe America is fully capable of sinking into a pit of racial hate and stupidity and electing McCain out of pure race fear.
What's more is the conservative drumbeat of an "Obama biased" media.
McCain is allowed to get away with any sloppy statement and mispeak and miis quote facts multiple times a day.
Obama's every action is analyzed, ctiticized and then recast by every commentator.
Any positive reportage of his campaign is jumped on as proof the "anti McCain bias" of media.
I believed that Barack Obama is going to run the most intelligent, highly organized campaign in American history, but I believe the GOP is going to run the nastiest dirty operation to destroy this candidate we have ever seen.
It's just beginning.
Will America stand for it?

Anonymous said...

mud_rake and microdot,

You are correct, but let me refine your comments.

mud_rake correctly points to certain states or areas of states, which remain bastions of racism. What is implied in both of your comments is that in presidential elections, a small group of swing voters may control the outcome. Note the comedy due to released next month in which the outcome comes down to one man's vote.

Secondly, it will not be John McCain or his campaign who will conjure up the nastiness. It will be 527 groups like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth who will walk point and sow filth and lies as if it were grain.


The Loop Garoo Kid

microdot said...

I really believe and I have witnessed so much physical manifestation of the racism that exists on so many levels in America. It is a cliche to say that racism is over, most people I have met who make the shocked statement that "I am not a racist!" can usually follow it silently with a phrase beginning , ....buut.....

-Sepp said...

What a bunch of bullshit.
If this country were 1/10th as racist as you guys keep trying to make it out to be, would Obama even be close to where he is today?
Or do you just think that the majority racist are just supporting him now in order to dash his dreams at the last minute?

Here's the stupidity in the leftist thought process...any white person who ISN'T voting for Obama must be racist since there is no possible way that anyone could not like his non-policies or, the fact that the guy sounds just as stupid as Bush if no teleprompter is availabe....nope it has to be racism!

But, on the other hand if black people are openly admitting on the news that THE ONLY REASON they are voting for Obama is because of race...well, thats ok then!

Let a white person say the same thing about voting for McLame and the left is screamming RACIST!!!

It isn't ok if I do it so why do you guys condone it it when they do it?

Nice double standard!

Anonymous said...


Where to begin, where to begin. It is very difficult to address a comment like your given the fact that not only did you fail to read what was written but also your mini diatribe smacks of a response that you heve given before. In fact, it is likely not even your own thought but read carefully and I will attempt to use words so simple that even a bear of very little brain such as yourself can understand.

Presidential races in the U.S. are always decided by swing voters. The parties have their core and their loyal voters but it is the swing voters that decide elections. Do you remember the elections of 2000 and 2004 ehich I offer by way of example and not limitation.

It is true that people of color in the U.S. have made great strides. But let us remember that only six generations ago it was legal in our country for one person to own another. Let us also remember that the right to vote was not guaranteed to such persons until more than a century after they were emancipated. That was in 1965, w/in my lifetime, a mere 43 years ago.

If you do not think there are racists in America then you are not paying attention. Racists are not in the majority. They are probably not even a significant numerical minority among our population of 300 million. They are not organized but they do exist and can be a significant voting bloc in certain states. Did you listen to the comments about Obama after the W. VA primary?

You bring up an interesting point: Is a black person a racist if that person votes for Obama only b/c he is black?

Well, let us examine the definition of racism. I find the American Heritatge Dictionary to be authoritative; RACISM: "The notion that one's own ethnic stock is superior."

Did you learn logic in junior high school? You know, statement; inverse; converse; and contrapositive?

Remember? The converse is always true but the inverse is not necessarily true.

Therefore, if one votes against Obama only b/c he is black, one is a racist. If one does not vote against Obama b/c he is not black, one is a racist. But if one votes foe Obama b/c he is black, one may a racist but maybe not.

I trust this clears things up for you. You may vote against Obama and not be a racist. You may vote for Obama b/c he is black and not be a racist. But if you vote against Obama merely b/c he is black, you are a racist and if you do not believe there are a significant number of voters of that persuation you are not paying attention. So, no double standard, get it?

So, where is the steaming stercoraceous material that is the southern product of a north walking male bovine. Hint: Look at your comment.


The Loop Garoo Kid.

microdot said...

Oy Vey!
I simply would like to state that not voting for Obama has nothing to do per se regarding racist tendencies.
I will continue to maintain that racism exists and is a pervasive influence in America.
I also believe it drives this campaign and the hopes of John McCain to win.
To say something is not so does not make it go away. I have seen physical evidence daily in the lives of many of mny black friends who are talented, intelligent, educated people with great personalities if you want to know them, I have seen them all struggle to accomplish the goals in their lives and have to work twice as hard as a white man and still get slapped down arbitrarily because someone could never stomach working or hiring a black man as an equal.
It's blatant, it's subtle but it's real.

Anonymous said...

Mr loopy garooo, point out anywhere that I have stated racism doesent exist. My point is that you leftists enjoy making a mountain from a molehill of the issue.
I can pop onto quite a few lefty blogs and hear the same song playing that racism is oozing from every crevice of America ready to be the sole reason Obama loses the election.
So much racism here but a black guy can climb to the point Obama has made it to?

Either it just makes you feel better thinking that you're not one of the supposed "majority" of racists in this country or, you're still living in 1940 and using the same numbers in your argument.

Times have changed quite a bit from the era you still think it is.


microdot said...

Again, we can all point to the legislated advances in equality that were fought for in the battles for integration and equality. Yes, through enforced integration, the barriers have beenb slowly coming down. There is more casual and realistic relations between all races in much of America.
But, like an abused child, the syndrome of racist thought and behavior is a cycle which has to be broken. It is a part of human nature to create and exploit an underclass, whether economically or emotionally.
Like the Catholics in Northern Ireland who the Protestant population traditionally regards as an underclass and makes in their minds inferior, it is passed on generationally.
Perhaps Obama's candidacy can serve as a jump start, shock treatment, a short circuit in this cycle!
Sepp, you are really stuck in the them and us mind frame. I don't care who you vote for...I hope you do vote, but if you vote for Grampa McSame, I would doubt your basic sanity. In fact, I wonder about the basic sanity of most Americans.
Y'all have been driven mad by red, orange and magenta alerts.
You have endured 7 years of absolute corruption and incompetence which have practically bankrupted your country and dragged down into the dehumanizing depths of a govbernment which needs to torture people.
If John McCain can manipulate America into electing him and continuing the march of absolute folly into the depths of depravity...
Grawwrrrrgghhh....I've fallen off my chair.....agghhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Or to you want me to call you schlepp? ut name calling seems to be about your level of argument.

Look, the internet and the blogosphere have provided a forum whereby anybody w/ a computer and an opinion can wax eloquent or not about any topic.

"Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing" about sums it up. In the Blue Nowhere there are serious thinkers and it goes down from there. Way down it seems if I am to judge you by the two responses you have made thus far.

Pop into all the "leftist" blogs you wish. While you are at it, take a gander at godhateliberals.blogspot or liberalsmustdie.blogspot.

But here is your most salient feature: the shibboleth that identifies you as a true Ephriamite. Your use of the word "leftist."

If you think in those terms, stay in the shallow end of the pool. Or let me ask you this. Do you think of yourself as a rightwinger?

I like rightwingers, commes il jouent aux hockey.

Au revoir.


Anonymous said...

Microdot, you know me way better than that and you know where I stand for the most part on many issues...unlike your friend who has demonstrated his prowess for's thesaurus.
Those barriers you speak of have been falling down much faster than you give them credit for.
Are there still racists out there? Sure.
Are they limited to being soley white people? Hardly.
Why try to pretend otherwise?

Loop Garoo Kid, voting for someone based on race is at the same time voting against someone based on race which the sum total of the equation is racism.
It seems that we differ in the fact that I don't / won't make excuses or, pretend that it isn't what it is.
I'm looking to elect the next leader of the nation I live in. I'm not looking to just jam Obama into office in order to help him make history as the first black president nor, am I willing to vote for McLame just to prevent it.
I sincerly believe that the first black president could have happened 8 years ago had Colin Powell run against Bush.
Strangly enough, all those white racists who are not voting for Obama all seem to say that Powell would have been easy to vote for.

Am I right winger? Somewhat. Depends on the issue at hand. Only an idiot or, someone out to "impress" people can be 100% left or, right.
I find that those 100%er's seem to avoid the logic and realities of the world most of the time.

Anonymous said...


I am great fan of the Blasters. I recall te lyrics from one of their songs, "Common Man" which was actually inspired by Ronald Reagan:

"With one hand on the Bible;
He says he's only here to serve;
But everybody knows that for that better or wosre,
we deserve."

That's from memory.


microdot said...

Wow interesting thread here...
The Blasters, a great American band.
Regarding Colin Powell, I work a few times a year with a group of Dutch guys. One of the stalwarts is a retired Dutch Army Colonel who was an aide to Wesley Clarke in Bosnia in the 1990's. He has a lot to say about Wesley Clarke and why he wouldn't be a good president. Wesley is a real micro manager.
We do have lots of discussions about American politics and last year, long before Barack Obama entered the race, he was insistent that the way the Democrats could be unbeatable would be a dream ticket of Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell.
Perhaps he was right. At the time it was intriguing, but personally I was still convvinced that Powell had prostituted his integrity as a member of the Bush Cabinet and let himself be badly used with his weapons of masss destruction freak show at the UN.
Look, Sepp, you know me as well, I can be logical, but frankly, logic is not my strong point. I tend to operate on an emotional, passionate level and sometimes my logic is only apparent in my humor.
Perhaps if I had hand puppets, I could be more eloquent.
If I offended you, well, I was working my self into a royal snit and I fell off my chair!

Anonymous said...

Naw MD, I know you well enough not to get offended...even though you drove right thru Toledo going from Detroit to NYC and didn't even stop in for a beer or a bottle of Thunderbird.

Wesley could be a good leader if he'd trade some of his ego in for people skills.

Powell was fooled by Bush/Cheny and took the job and got the hell out with a lesson learned.

Anonymous said...


Lesson learned and reputation burned.

How are things in th eGalss City?


Anonymous said...

Packed my bags and moved to farm country last February.

I will be in Germany for a week in August for a mini visit!