Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Was (Not Was)

I ordered the new Was(Not Was) cd, BOO from Amazon.fr today and hope that they have it in stock here in France. What I've heard so far is great and it is great to see the Brothers Was playing together again and making new music.
In anticipation, I am posting a live performance from last year in London from the collection of Paul Murf!
The songs are a medley of 2 pieces from the 1980 record "Born To Laugh At Tornadoes".
Professor Night and Rubber Ball.
Sweet Pea Atkinson sounds great on Rubber Ball almost 28 years later. Ouch.....
Professor Night was originally sung by Doug Flieger of the Knack.
Born To Laugh At Tornadoes was a great record with guest vocal appearances by Doug Flieger, Ozzie Osbourn, Mitch Ryder and Mel Torme. The guitarist, Wayne Kramer was still an occasional member at that time.
I really enjoyed seeing this video of these guys playing some great songs from thie past! I cannot wait to see and hear some of their new music from the present!

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