Wednesday, November 24, 2010

and now a word from the sponsor

I have this 200 year old stone barn that was rapidly beginning to fall apart. The roof was caving in and the back wall began to collapse. I refused to let this happen and through imaginative financing and some very creative and cooperative builders here, we were able to repair the barn. We put a new roof on it and rebuilt the back wall. 
Finally, I had to replace the huge doors into the hay loft which are accessed by a ramp from the road. We are talking about church sized doors which had long tumbled out of their hinges and had to be totally rebuilt.
Thanks to my buddy, Marius, the doors are back in place. We used the old hardware, reset the hinge plates into the stone and made new doors out of totally recycled poplar from the old roof, huge pine beams for the end pieces and oak planks recycled from huge old wine vats. The final door magically went into place on Friday. I am presently painting them with used motor oil and some finish work....
I cannot thank Marius enough for his knowledge and effort. He had the plan and the know how to do this and the right tools. The very least  I can do is let you know about his innovative horticultural invention.
He invented it, manufactures it and markets it. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fertometer!
It is a hand held battery powered wand which one sticks into the soil of a potted plant and when you press a button, the lights let you know if your plant needs fertilizer. We tested one of the prototypes when he first developed it and I can say it really works. If you have house plants or are an (ahem) horticultural hobbyist, this is truly useful tool.
It gives professional results for a low price and all you have to do is change the battery every few years.

He will ship it any where in the world you like!

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