Sunday, November 07, 2010

Anniversary Barbecue

First official wedding anniversary...November Barbeque in the dark...notice the flash light.
I was barbecuing a nice maigret de canard while my bride was sauteing potatoes in duck fat.
We had chocolate mousse for dessert.
The duck breast was done perfectly and part of the secret was that I really couldn't see what I was doing...I had to rely on my sense of touch.
You can tell by a poke of your finger when a piece of meat is beginning to cook.As it progresses from raw to rare to medium to burnt, the feel changes. I learned the technique working as a broiler chef cooking thousands of steaks when I was a novice cook.
Barbecuing duck breast is exciting. The challenge is to let the layer of fat protect the meat, as it melts and creates flames...
you have to keep the maigret moving so it doesn't burn.
The results, though are better than the best steak............

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Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Congrats!!! My wife and I will be 23 years next Sunday. :-)