Monday, November 22, 2010

Murdoch, Jobs Prepping iPad-Only Daily Newspaper

Greed is Greed, you want more than you need
When you're super rich, life can be a bitch
Cause you want more money and it's not real funny
When you find yourself in bed and your soul turns to lead
Cause the need to make a deal is a little too real

Why does Steve Jobs want to be a whore?
He has all he wants and he will never be poor
Selling his ass for Fox Daddy Murdoch
Watch  little Stevie's integrity sink like a rock

Maybe integrity is something he has never had
Maybe he had it, but sold it like an ipad
by the truck load, made in china
in the middle of the night,
once it's gone, it stays out of sight

Maybe money is comfort for low self esteem
Maybe money can make your heart feel clean
only for a few minutes, and then you need more
Steve Jobs is a junkie and just became a whore.

If I was John Lennon, a curse would rise from my grave
Once, Jobs was a man, now he's just Murdoch's little slave.

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