Friday, November 05, 2010

Car Wreck Ahead

As the Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein points out, this so-called “G.O.P. victory” now gives us the largest Republican House majority since 1928. As  GTL™(that's Gun Toting Liberal to you, boy)  Sunday Columnist from that other side of the political divide, Mr. Christopher L. Doster and all of the other “CLD’s” out there celebrate the now-assured two years of “gridlock” on Capitol Hill, I’d like to remind them of all the “cool stuff” that happened to America the last time this happened…
From WikiPedia:
The Great Depression began with the Wall Street Crash of October, 1929 and rapidly spread worldwide. The market crash marked the beginning of a decade of high unemployment, poverty, low profits, deflation, plunging farm incomes, and lost opportunities for economic growth and personal advancement. …”
“… The usual explanations include numerous factors, especially high consumer debt, ill-regulated markets that permitted overoptimistic loans by banks and investors, the lack of high-growth new industries, and growing wealth inequality, all interacting to create a downward economic spiral of reduced spending, falling confidence, and lowered production. …
Hmm… did you happen to catch the year?
Yep, it took the Grand Old Party’s House majority one quick year after grabbing the reins to bring America to its knees. “Ill regulated markets”? “Overoptimistic loans”? “Growing wealth inequality”? Remind me here… do Liberals (in general, that is) oppose common sense corporate regulation? Do Liberals favor increasing consumer debt? Wealth inequality? And which party was it just a few months ago raising Holy HELL over Wall Street reform? That’s right — the CONSERVATIVES in both Houses of Congress.
Now America seems to be in the hands of the Drunken Pirate Party...Can we trust these naive and "innocent" Teabagging populists to keep the Conservative corporate interests which control and funded them from driving our car into a massive pile up on the economic highway? It is beginning to look like this is just a minor detail in Glenn Becks Goldline Marketing scheme! Whoose Buyin The Drinkzzz? Dessh guyz izz  already drunk with their new found power. Regulashuns? Hoo Needs Shhtinkin Regulashuns? Gimme The Goddam Keeyshhh And Geddoudda the Way!  HOO HAH! ~Lemmee pop a tape in the 8-Track! HIGHWAY TO HELL! YAHHH! HIGHWAY TO HELL!

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Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Sorry that I have not been able to respond to this posting sooner my friend. I have been very busy here of late.

I see a repeat of 1994 when just after 2 years of the Clinton Administration, Newt Gingrich with his Republican take over of the house, thought he ran the country. There was a lot of CROWING back then by the Wing Nuts in 1994. Well within the following 2 years people had enough and overwhelmingly voted Clinton in for another 4 years along with many of those Republicans thrown out installing Democrats back into those seats.

The only difference I see now than then….there was more moderate Republicans back then and not so much of the Radical Right Conservatives. In Newt's speech apologizing for the Republican Cluster F*#K was that he had aligned himself too much with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and such.

That speech will be made once again after the next two years.