Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Spot

Philip Charles Lithman, born in 1949 and died on July 1, 1987, was more popularly known as Snakefinger. He was a multi instrumentalist artist, who was best known for his violin and guitar work in collaboration with the American Surrealist Group, The Residents.
Snakefinger was a very important influence on me as a songwriter and as a musician. One night in sheer frustration in 1981, I screamed at the group of musicians I was working with, in utter febrile rage..."DARE TO BE INCOHERENT!" and they did. We were utterly incoherent and brilliant and I can only thank, Mr. Lithman for his inspiration........
A pox upon a chicken or a fight about a bear, would not be worse than what I've seen and what I have to wear ;
It first appeared on my birthday, beneath an empty cocktail tray ;
I scrubbed but found to my dismay, a spot that would not go away.

I GOT . . . THE SPOT . . . THE SPOT . . . THE SPOT . .

"Oh what the hell !" I seemed to say, and laughed a little bit ;
But when I saw the spot had moved, I nearly had a fit !
A fever froze me in my place, but when I found it on my face ;
Curdling my blood I screamed, "Be gone or be some heinous dream !"

I GOT . . . THE SPOT . . . THE SPOT . . . THE SPOT . .

Oblong it interacted with my folicles of hair, and now it grows in magnitude and sits upon a chair ;
It sleeps upon my only shirt, and smiles at me when I get hurt ;
"I can't believe that blotch is there !" But still I cover it with care.

I GOT . . . THE SPOT . . . THE SPOT . . . THE SPOT . .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Microdot,

Thanks for posting this. I was just admonished for listening to The Spot. You know you're on to something favorable when the background commentary of The Spot is pretty much what you expected.

I have this on the vinyl archives somewhere, but I thought you would like the video.