Wednesday, November 03, 2010

People Did Not Like It Here

One thing for certain as a result of the fallout from yesterdays election is that any initiative to deal with the immediate crisis of climate change is going to be derailed as the deniers go into hyper agressive overdrive.
The Atlantic's Mark Ambinder reported in a little noticed article on Wednesday morning that the Republicans stated that they intend to hold "major hearings" probing the supposed fraud of global warming.
This is going to be another pogrom, careers destroyed, scientific research destroyed and smeared in an attempt to protect the interests of corporations unwilling to acknowledge the need to address the reality.
Ron Brownstein of The National Journal reported that virtually all of the major 2010 GOP Candidates have played the climate change denial card. They make a point of denying that climate change is a problem or even happening.
"The GOP is stampeding towards an absolutist rejection of climate science that appears unmatched among major political parties around the globe, even conservative ones," Brownstein wrote.
Ninety-Seven percent of climate scientists and just about every accredited scientific institution in the world
unequivocally agree that global warming is occurring and is fueled by human industrial activity.
But taking the example of the tobacco companies in their fight to suppress the research showing the link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, the corporate industries know that they can buy legislators and tainted testimony for show hearings that can stall the inevitable...The Inevitable?

When the last living thing
has died on account of us,
how poetical it would be
if Earth could say,
in a voice floating up
from the floor
of the Grand Canyon,
"It is done."
People did not like it here.
- Kurt Vonnegut


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Good posting, thought provoking, and very scary scenario which I am afraid will come true. I wrote a poem one time called, “Man Evolves Into Extinction.” This is how it will happen.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

It won't just be the environment, it will be health care and lord knows what: inquiries as to whether Obama is a citizen or not. We are going to see the worst government inaction ever due to people not taking an interest in this election.

-Sepp said...

You should be dancing in the streets if the GOP investigates climate change.
According to you, you have all the evidence you need for a bulletproof case.
Lets get it out in the open. Lets weed through the bullshit, hype, fraud and dive into real facts.
Let them shed light on it all...from the data, the scientiffic models and also the moneytrails.

Sure Laci, they will be looking into Obamacare...they were elected in part because they said they would be doing that.
At least it would be forcing congress to actually READ the bill that was passed unread. Weed out the Orwellian crap from that bill too!

microdot said...

Patience, Sepps gloating period is like a fungal mycelllum which we have to witness as it goes through its seasonal expansion and then wait until the autumnal frost dieback...
Blah blah blah global warming...
`the naive little asshole acts like he actually believes that there is an atom of logic behind his fascistic strut...
humor him...his "heroes" are venal corrupt manipulated little fools who will disappoint him in the long run, but fuck us all royally in the acute reality of now...
Sometimes the schedule of the Tao is bit tardy...but we are just the pathetic little humans who expect the cosmic forces to favor us.

microdot said...

You know what? I'm actually very pissed off and enraged!
I get this wimped out reply from a brain damaged sycophant suffering form extreme self inflicted delusional tendencies caused by the extreme impacted tea bag colon syndrome....
Oh the GOP is going to conduct a fair and impartial witchhunt to investigate climate change...?
I hope you live ling enough to have your children curse you for the damage your naive delusions have inflicted upon their reality, if in fact they are just naive delusions, because i find it very hard to believe that any rational human could be so naive...
Again, your posts defy my ability to restrain my emotions...that was beyond stupid...
The GOP will investigate climate change?
These idiots will move the world incrementally closer to a climatic armageddon every minute they sit on their thumbs drooling....
The rest of the planet curses your greed fueled ignorance!

mud_rake said...

The more I read of Sepp's stuff lately, the more concerned i am about his expanding dementia. He seems stuck in a Tea Party rally and can't get back to the real world!

Any suggestions for the poor chap?

microdot said...

Yeah, let him stand in the middle of the highway of the oncoming economic car wreck up with his little red stop sign...

microdot said...

You know, I posted a music video today of Willam Shatner interpreting the Cee Lo Green Fuck You song.
It's pretty funny and hip, the scariest part is Shatner trying to do the falsetto "pity the fool" line...
but when I looked at the comments on the YouTube page it was all humorless teabag asswipes complaining that Shatner said Fuck you in the song, but they "couldn't say nigger".
Now, if you notice, the title of the piece on the You Tube video is F**k You. Every time Shatner sings the words, they are bleeped.
No one is stopping you from saying Nigger, that's is not the point or the argument....
You can stand in the middle of the street and shout Nigger as loud as you want. You can say it on the air and no one will stop you....
It's about understanding, self awareness. In America, no one can stop you from being a total ass but yourself.

steve said...

They can hold all the hearings they want - it still isn't going to stop China from building a coal plant every couple of weeks to the tune of 80 gigawatts a year of added coal power.

The only solution to global climate change - 2 actually - is technological advancement - either neutering the pollution in fossil fuels - or replacing fossil fuels. Running out of the stuff.

squatlo said...

I'm amazed that people like your Sepp buddy here would want their words in print for all to see years from now when the shit hits the proverbial fan. That's the beauty of documenting the words of the nay-sayers... their children and grandchildren will be able to read their words and know them for the manipulated fools they became as the planet withered in front of their eyes.
Truly amazing to see such obstinence in the face of such overwhelming data. Is the threat to the economy so great that a man would be willing to risk our planet's future to ignore the problem? Is that the rational way to do risk assessment? Just put those pesky old facts away and blather on with some talking points from the Faux News, the broadcasting subsidiary of the Republican Party?
Take every word of this down: as much as I'd like to think a good dose of chlorine in the gene pool might help weed out your kind, I hope you make it long enough to see the folly in what you say and write.
Man made global climate change is a real on-going threat to our very existence on this planet, and for anyone to put their 401K or stock options ahead of dealing with that threat shows that they lack the moral gravitas required to be a part of any civilized, intelligent discussion on the subject.
If ninety nine doctors conferred on your case and diagnosed you with a deadly disease, then recommended a drastic treatment to save your worthless life, would you turn to the one skeptic (who's in the pocket of the pharmaceutical company that sells the placebo...) for your treatment?
Grow a set, look at the facts, listen to the experts, and realize that some things are way fucking more important than your Party's talking points.
Fucking amazing!
(I apologize for the rant... but this guy is obviously an ignoranus... someone who's both ignorant AND an asshole... I'm outta here)