Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Good Thang!

This is a picture of a portion of the Bahnhof ISP in Stockholm which hosts Wikileaks servers. The spectacular installation is located in a nuclear bomb shelter built during the cold war under 30 meters of rock mountain. Solid rock walls and planted with greenery under growlux lights....
For a very entertaining 360 degree tour, check out Jann Lipka's gallery here.
You know, I really feel that the Wikileaks revelations are a good thing. We are entering into a new age of transparency and freedom. It is the old world that doesn't know how to react. It is the most entrenched, repressed and cloaked systems that are screaming in outrage. This is the new world. The rules have been rewritten. Sink or swim.
Much of what is revealed in the Wikileaks is merely personally embarrassing for certain personalities. Prince Andrew of The UK is an obnoxious bore. Ghadaffi gets botox...(WTF?) Nicolas Sarkozy is vain little impossible man, the "naked emperor"...Most of the diplomatic revelations come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention.
Now it's out there, straight from the horses mouths, so to speak. Diplomacy conducted behind closed doors by a privileged strata, decisions made which we will never know about, but could forever change our lives are now unveiled.
Wake up, it's a new day for freedom of information.
In, of all places, The Wall Street Journal, on Nov.29th, Andy Greenberg published a rare 2 hour interview with Julian Assange conducted by an interviewer from Forbes. In the interview, Assange reveals that the next big disclosure will be on a major American Financial institution and the fall out will be as devastating as the effect of the Enron emails in the collapse and criminal prosecution of that criminal enterprise.
This is a good, good, such a good thang, baby..........

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